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Welcome to Our Website


Argen Billing Systems is a provider of utility management services, utility billing services and submetering installation to apartment communities, condominiums, and retail centers. We currently offer billing services for any combination of water, sewer, natural gas, electric, trash, pest control, cable TV, security monitoring, internet, and rent. We also offer many other services such as utility rate analysis and/or rate audits. We are experts in water conservation and can help save money on each property every month with our practices.

Why Choose Us


At Argen, we offer the unique understanding that comes from long and varied experience. Our commitment to service and cost recovery with integrity as your utility management partner provides the obvious, intelligent choice for your future.

We offer tenant utility billing programs, such as submetering, hot water allocation, and RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System), which will reduce your operating cost, raise your property value, and encourage conservation.


A great conservation and cost control tool.


If you are looking to increase your cash flow and help conserve water, it just makes sense to contact Argen. We offer turnkey water submeter systems, meter reading, complete billing and collection (RBC) services.

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Water Conservation
for Apartment Property Management.

water conservation

Water conservation is the maximization of processes, habits, and equipment to minimize water usage, thereby minimizing water cost. As fresh water coming in is waste water going out, sewer usage and costs are also minimized.

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Reduce utility consumption.

utility billing

Argen's objective is to provide accurate billing services for your residents and tenants. We accomplish this through three different types of billing processes.

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