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Billing Processes

Accuracy helps Consumption

customer service

Argen's objective is to provide accurate billing services for your residents and tenants. We accomplish this through three different types of billing processes. Each process has been shown to reduce utility consumption by holding each tenant accountable for the utilities they use.

Total Capture: Each unit on the property has a meter, which measures total consumption for the utility being billed. This process can be used for water, gas and electric utilities.

Hot Water Allocation: Primarily used when total capture submetering is not practical. A water meter is placed in each unit and measures the hot water that tenant consumes. The total-utility usage is determined using industry standard calculations. This process can be used for water, gas, and electric utilities.

Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS): Used when total capture and hot water allocation processes are not practical. This process uses individual unit square footage and number of occupants to calculate the utility bills. This process can be used for water, gas, and electric utilities.

Please contact us so we can assist you in determining which billing process fits your individual requirements.